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Bewakoof GoNuts

GoNuts is a nut-based personal care line launched by Bewakoof, a leading fashion and personal care brand. An opportunity presented itself to build a brand that is fun, witty, quirky, and most-importantly, silly. And the scope of work for GoNuts covered branding, visual language and packaging design. Project done for Spring Marketing Capital.


Branding, Packaging Design






In a cluttered category of complicated claims, we had a simple one: We’re nut-based. And we’re fun. That’s all I aimed to capture in a nut-shell through design and tone. Hence, I created a bold, vibrant and super fun brand for a young fun Bewakoof ('Silly' in Hindi) consumer. 

The world of GoNuts is inspired by all things nutty and fun. The packaging is designed to stand out on your bathroom shelf, and make you chuckle unexpectedly. Be it the nut stickers, the pun-ny nut names, or the bright colours, everything about the packaging screams that the people who designed it are, well, kind of nuts.


The Launch

The brand went live on the Bewakoof website and other online market places along with the help of a bunch of high energy product videos that were created for the brand's social media platforms. These videos gave a quick intro into the brand as well as its wide range of skin and haircare products.

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