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My Yubi

Yubi, formerly known as CredAvenue, is an Indian fintech company that connects businesses with financial institutions, banks and other lenders through its digital platform. My Yubi is a platform that would enable its customers to make debt investments. I was tasked to create the identity and brand world for My Yubi In collaboration with Bild Labs.


Branding, Visual Language, Motion





Selected logo_update1-07.jpg

This sub brand design was created keeping in mind the fundamentals and aesthetics of the parent brand Yubi. The core values of the brand is accessibility and transparency.

The logo mark was developed keeping in mind the brand proposition of "Make Money Move". The dynamic nature of the stylised letter brought about a sense of movement and energy into the tech platform.

Visual World

The Yubi gradient and the zingy yellow became the core colors for the sub brand. We created launch communication designs for the brand as well as a strong motion logo that conveyed the brand proposition in a subtle way. The product team at Yubi refreshed the platform basis the brand design to then launch the beta version of the currently invite only app. 

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