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Wilderjack is an artisanal furniture brand that provides furniture and woodwork for restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges, home and offices. They take pride in creating unique custom designed furniture. I was approached by the team at Wilderjack to create an identity for the brand that captured its essence and originality.


Branding, Visual Language






The logo mark I created is a stylised 'W' which took its aesthetics from the angles and forms that you get to cut out using a chisel, which is a primary tool used in wood carving. This also directly tied back to the philosophy pf the brand that it stands for unique pieces which are hand made and one of a kind.

The strong logo mark became the foundation for the brand. This would get engraved into all the furniture pieces they created. The mark was paired with softer type and atmospheric imagery to create a unique visual aesthetic for the Wilderjack.

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