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Stanza Living

Rebranding a modern co-living spaces start-up. The exercise included the brand's new positioning as "your second home" and then translating that into a refreshed brand identity and visual world. Project done for Spring Marketing Capital


Branding, Communication


Stanza Living




The visual inspiration for the rebrand came from windows. When you move into a new city and find yourself a comfortable home, that becomes your safe space. The start of your new story. A blank new canvas. And every such room tells a story of the person through its window. 

I created a grid that came from the idea of the view you'd see within the concrete jungle of a busy city with lots of such windows. This grid then gave shape to the stylised 'S' which is the new Stanza logo mark. 

The Visual Language

The Stanza grid was then explored in multiple ways to create an exciting, young and edgy new look & feel for the brand. The brand teal along with colourful lifestyle imagery injected vibrancy into the brand.


The Experience

The brand re-launched in 2020 with the new brand messaging, identity, visual language and tone of voice. 

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