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Seekers Of Truth

My latest series of illustrations  will look closely at a branch of tantra known as Aghora. The term ‘aghora’ in Sanskrit means ‘that which is not dark’. And the followers of this form of tantra are known as ‘aghori’, and worship Shiva in his Aghora aspect  - He who dispels darkness.








An Aghori practices Vairagya’,  which means, in short, dispassionate detachment, with all their efforts geared towards removing the sense  of self and other, this and that,  seeing and behaving, as if everything  is part of the one divine whole.   The reason I’ve always been curious about Aghori sadhu’s in particular is because they directly challenge the notions of ritual purity held by the mainstream Brahminical religion,  who see themselves as the ‘holy men’ closest to god.

An Aghori sadhu  breaks down the tendency of the human mind to compartmentalise  reality and view it in fragments  it labels ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘disgusting’  or ‘wholesome’.   If all is part of ‘the one’, then what  is ‘good’, what is ‘bad’, what is ‘holy’ and what is ‘unholy’? 


This series is currently a work in progress with 2 completed pieces. I'm excited to complete the series as soon as possible and share the finished artworks on this page. Stay tuned :)

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