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RS Software

RS Software brings multi-rail expertise developed by delivering transformative solutions across the digital payments value chain. They enable digital payments Infrastructure, Application, and Services to address the value chain drivers that is consumers and business. This here is the showcase of the branding refresh work done for RS Software, which came from the new brand positioning which is 'Payments in the speed of thought'. Project done for Spring Marketing Capital. 


Branding, Communication


RS Software




The rebrand for RS Software came from the idea that the future of payments would be extremely effortless and fast. As easy as just having a thought about it. 

Based on this idea we created a fresh identity & communication for the brand. Design for a brand that enables payments at the speed of thought. 

The Mark

The mark is a combination of 4 thought waves coming together to form a spark (in the negative space), which symbolises the core thinking of the brand where actions materialise as quick as having the thought itself. RS Software believes that to be the future of technology in digital payments solutions.

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