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Plush Living is a home solutions company founded in 2022. They are a state-of-the-art premium home and furnishing brand designed for the evolving lifestyle of an evolving customer. Branding project done for Spring Marketing Capital.


Branding, Visual Language, Communication





PLUSH x Bild3113.jpg

With a name translating to both elegant and luxurious, the brand was meant for those who never settle in the tussle between comfort and aesthetics, they’re certain that their home deserves to be ‘Plush’ in every sense.

A mass-premium audience on e-commerce platforms as well as within stores are sure to interpret ‘Plush Living’ in the way we intend on first glance. Hence a premium, evolved and minimal brand was designed.

Plush x Bild day 23811.jpg

Designing For The Online Marketplace

The brand assets for Plush Living was planned and executed keeping in mind the online presence of the brand. This included lifestyle and product imagery, feature highlights, 3D product explosions and product unboxing and experience videos. 


The Catalogue

The brand also launched itself through physical retail stores with the range of mattresses. We designed a detailed catalogue that showcased the product range along with range specifications, technical & product information. The catalogue was then printed and bound and kept in these stores.

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